Major Palm lines and features..

There are seven important lines on the palm of the hand. They are, Life line, Head line, Heart line, Girdle of Venus, Sun line, Mercury line, Fate line.Palm Lines

Most of the palmists accept that everyone has—heart line, head line and life line.

The Life line
Contrary to general belief, life line actually indicates the quality of how you live your life rather than the actual length of you life. It also reveals the amount of strength, vitality, and vigour that you possess.

The Heart line
 The Heart line is associated with events that are going to happen in your life. It not only tells what will happen in the future and also why things happen. This would often be indispensible in changing the course of our lives by changing our habits. However, it can't reveal exactly when an event will occur.

The Head line
The next major line is the head line. It originates at the edge of the palm just below the index finger and runs across the palm towards its outer edge. Head line indicates the mental state of the person. Is he interested in his vocation? Is he open minded and intellectual, analytical and creative etc? The head line on a persons palm is often associated with how a person thinks and is not an indicator of how intelligent he is. Mostly this line tends to end some where just below the ring finger.

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