Hands and your vocation and interests

Hand analysis and studying the shape, curvature and other palm features, is a great way of understanding the mental characteristics a person possesses. This in turn can help us in understanding in which field a person can excel.

According to Palmistry there are four basic hand shapes corresponding to certain mental types i.e. action, mental, technical, or emotional. Hand analysis can reveal whether a person is patient, straight forward, easy going, grasps ideas or concepts easily etc.

For example a person with 'action hands' i.e. - rounded hands, is said to grasp concepts rapidly. Career indications for such a person would be - journalism, law, acting, stock broking etc.

Similarly for all other hand types deductions can be made whether an individual can excel in a particular field. Hence palmistry could prove indispensable for career planning and also is a great tool for self understanding.

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