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This project is the brainchild of Avarice Media. The 'Learn to Read Palms' website is an introduction to Palmistry (or Chiromancy) which is one of the worlds most popular divination methods.

Although there are hundreds of sites dedicated to this discipline, we feel that this would be a great starting point for those who are just beginning their journey in the enchanting world of Palmistry reading. This is a humble attempt to introduce you to the myriad of possibilities and personal growth that can accrue to you as a result of understanding the principles of this great system of knowledge.

Reading Palms can reveal some amazing and shockingly accurate information about your character, lifestyle, and mental makeup. The resources on this site will help you learn about the History of Palmistry, the major palmistry lines, hand features, and also give you a guide to how to choose your career, your romantic compatibility, your wealth and other interests.

The section on Palmistry books and Palmistry e-books reviews are one of a kind and will help you in further expanding your knowledge of the subject. Suggestions for further improvement are always welcome, we do hope to hear from you. If you have got a passion for Palmistry or Astrology and can write reasonably well, we'd love to hear from you. AvariceMedia.com is always look for talented writers who can be featured on the website.

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